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Call Today 614.804.0070
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Our Mission
We want to help our customers in central Ohio move smart by providing them with a quality product that will make their upcoming move easier and more environmentally friendly.
What We Offer
We're not a moving company. We specialize in renting professional grade moving supplies to do-it-yourself movers. Our fan-favorite product is the ecopack, an industrial grade plastic tote.
In addition to being an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard boxes, our ecopacks simply make moving easier. They're nestable when empty; stackable when full, require no assembly and transporting them is a breeze. Once you move with Ecopack, it will leave you scratching your head wondering why you ever used cardboard boxes to move in the past. Cardboard just doesn't stack up!
Our Service Area
Ecopack operates in Columbus, Ohio and serves all surrounding suburbs.
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Did you know that rainforests are being cut down at a rate of 100 acres per minute?

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